Upload and Order using silhouette widget

The ‘Make Me A Silhouette’ Widget Page

The Strike Your Pose Silhouette Widget is an interactive tool, and a bit of fun for you. If the image you’d like to use is on a coloured or patterned background please don’t worry about placing your order. Even if the widget does not work perfectly – Leah receives your original image as well as the generated image and will make your SYP jewel from the original. For group shots or any extra special requests please go to bespoke, otherwise upload and order here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your image will not upload, please remove all spaces from the name of the image i.e. ‘harry france 2010’ change to ‘harry_france_2010’ or ‘harryfrance2010’ and try uploading again.

Dos & Don’ts

To get the best results from our silhouette widget, please follow these simple guidelines for creating your image.

1. Use a flat clean background.
Stand in front of a light or dark coloured plain background. The widget may accidentally include things like patterned wallpaper, plants or dado rails in the background of your image in the silhouette image it creates. Try to avoid including the edges of windows or door frames in your image.

2. Make yourself stand out.
Contrast between you and the background is important. If you are standing against a dark background, try to wear white or light clothes, if you are standing in front of a light background try to wear dark coloured clothes. Long sleeves and trousers, leggings or tights are best for arms and legs.

3. Find your feet.
If your carpet or floor is dark or you notice the widget drawing lines where a skirting board is then a great way to remedy this is to stand on a white towel or blanket. Try to have the blanket cover the skirting board if you have one in a way that doesn’t create a strong line. For dark walls and light flooring, try using a dark towel or blanket.

4. Don’t stand in the shadows.
Try to find a spot where the lighting is nice and even and shadows are minimal. To prevent a dark shadow behind you, stand further from the wall or any other flat surface. Using overhead lighting can be better than lamps. If you use a lamp, try to move it further away from you if you notice dark shadows.

5. Have fun!
Please enjoy experimenting with the widget and please try it as many times as you like with different images until you get something good. Remember that Leah will personally inspect the widget’s work and can adjust or remove any inclusions or edges you don’t like. Let her know any special instructions using the area provided on the order form for this information.

To begin, please click ‘Upload Your Image’ and select an image from your computer.